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The work of our people around the world and in the UK depends utterly on prayer - and we are immensely grateful to all who faithfully support us in this way...

Prayer series on the parables

This series works with some of the parables of Jesus to lead you into reflective prayer.

Prayerspace weekly

A weekly email with up to date prayer news from the Church Mission Society community around the world

Will you take two weeks to pray for mission in the UK?

New spirituality series. A pivotal moment in the life of Jesus provokes three questions.

Dwelling in the Word

One of the key spiritual practices of Partnership for Missional Church.

Feet in blue trainers seen from above

Feel the path beneath your feet, pick up a stone, look for a thorn, touch the earth...

Freshly cut loaf

Recognise the small but vital thing...

Woman in silhouette walking on track through field

Take a walk ad reflect on what is treasure for you today...