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Miriam Knowles - Tanzania

I am a missionary child, born and raised in Malawi up to the age of 12. I have always had a heart for working in Africa. After qualifying as an occupation therapist I gained experience working in different specialities in the UK before God called me to work in Tanzania. My faith has changed and grown as I have travelled through life with its blessings and challenges and given me the belief that every person deserves to be loved, nurtured and given the best opportunity to achieve what they can in life.


To live and work in Iringa, showing through my work and friendships the love that God has for each of us and that we are all equal in God’s eyes.


An occupational therapist, running the therapy department at Neema Crafts Centre. Most of my time is spent working with children who have disabilities and their families and communities; I also do therapy with the staff at Neema, who are all living with disabilities.

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Many of the children we work with at Neema have cerebral palsy, often caused by birth trauma. Although the situation for people with disabilities is gradually improving, in more rural areas they are often still hidden away out of shame with little opportunity or prospects in life. I feel a big part of my placement is to challenge people’s attitudes to disability, valuing each individual whatever their physical constraints may be, whatever they look like and however they communicate.

I provide hands-on therapy and treatment alongside training others. Early intervention and therapy provides the best opportunity for a person to develop. We work with schools and other organisations to provide the best care and treatment for each person.

I initially chose to work with Church Mission Society as the couple running Neema Crafts are with CMS. Today, I see CMS as a supportive and encouraging community that I enjoy being a part of.

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