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Kailean and Kim Khongsai - Britain

Caring for the environment is often not seen by Christians as one of the core parts of the gospel, even though the Bible instructs us to be good stewards of God’s world.

The shortage of workers in this area of mission – despite an urgent need to respond to the environmental crisis that is threatening our survival and every living thing on the planet – has convinced us to step forward and get involved in creation care ministry.

We also feel that promoting responsible environmental stewardship in accordance with biblical principles is a need for every Christian today.


We believe that the world in which we live is God’s wonderful world lovingly created and entrusted to our care and we want to do all we can to preserve it.


Building bridges among different faith communities using environmental projects and activities.

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When we first joined the environmental ministry A Rocha UK, Kailean’s main role was to build bridges among different faith backgrounds using environmental projects – to encourage, inspire and teach people about caring for the environment. However, since 2014, his main role has changed from outreach work to managing the community side of A Rocha UK, involving project management, coordinating events and volunteers and engaging and liaising with local churches. Kim manages the A Rocha UK centre, looking after our interns, volunteers and guests. She also manages the centre’s food and house maintenance budget

We are both from Manipur, North East India; Kailean has two masters degrees: an MSc in ecology and an MSc in environmental waste management. Kim holds a BSc in botany and a BEd in education and worked as a teacher for a mission school in India after graduating.

We have always wanted to work in partnership with mission sending agencies like Church Mission Society, firstly because we don’t believe in working alone nor do we want to be seen as Christians working in isolation. Second, we believe in a relational God, we recognise the importance of encouraging and supporting one another, praying, working hand-in-hand and sharing resources. With CMS we’re better equipped, trained and resourced and we’re more connected with various churches and individuals.

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