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A gift that brought renewed hope, and transformed lives...

Dr Lalita Edwards

To the children there, Lalita is ‘Nanna’... Dr Edwards and one of those in her care.

When we received a legacy gift of £3,000 from a generous supporter, we couldn’t have predicted the impact it was about to have.

Dr Lalita Edwards, then a Church Mission Society local partner in India, runs an orphanage for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Many of the children are locked in the sex trade and some have no experience of being loved until coming to the orphanage.

Lalita received devastating news that the funding for the orphanage had dried up. As she cried out to God one morning, she heard him promise that he would stand by her. It was then that we got in touch to tell her we were able to use the legacy for her work:

"I just do not know how to write all that my heart wants to say...I was so awestruck that it took me two days to digest the matter. You will never know how much I thanked the Lord for his hand on his children who cannot provide for themselves."

To the children there, Lalita is ‘Nanna’. And they delight to show her their school work at the end of the day.

They sing about Jesus never letting them down. Each evening there’s a prayer time where, one by one, they volunteer to stand up to pray.

If you could meet Dr Lalita she would want to tell you about children like

  • Lakshmi,* born to a sex worker and about 11 years old. Until three years ago she was a runner in a brothel. If she had to leave Santvana she’d have to become a sex worker herself.
  • Michael,* whose only experience of love before he died aged six due to HIV and AIDS, was the few months he spent at Santvana.

Lalita can continue to work seeing Jesus’ transformation and renewed hope brought to these children, thanks to a gift one of our generous supporters made in their will.

Our friend Jonny Simpson made this video of Laliita's work:

Positive+Children from Jonny Simpson on Vimeo.

*Names changed to protect children