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Eve’s lasting gift

Eve Vause - missionary midwife

'The real Chummy' - the Sunday Express's take on Eve Vause, missionary midwife.

People from all walks of life leave gifts for Church Mission Society in their will

Eve served as a mission partner in Africa working as a midwife for many years – she was featured on the radio as the ‘real Chummy’ from the BBC's Call the Midwife! 

“Mission is my passion. That’s why I’m leaving a legacy to CMS.”

Eve has chosen to make a gift to Church Mission Society in her will.

Eve tells us that she believes in mission – she believes in sharing the gospel and helping people in poverty discover life in all its fullness.

She says, “The work Church Mission Society does with mothers and children in Africa so often means the difference between life and death. I am dividing my assets between my family and two Christian charities, including CMS.”

She concludes, “Mission is my passion. That’s why I’m leaving a legacy to CMS.”

Thank you Eve, for helping make possible life-giving stories all around the world.

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