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Appeal: Children and young people at risk

“If these facts don’t bother you, there’s something wrong." - Andy Roberts, Brazil.

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Please donate now

It is estimated that around half a million children are involved in the sex industry in Brazil with an incalculable number suffering ‘hidden’ systematic abuse within their homes. In some cases the child’s own family has encouraged them to sell their body.

A study among some girls forced into prostitution found that the average age of their first sexual encounter was just 10 years old.

Yes, if these facts don’t bother you, there’s something wrong.

You can help prevent the abuse and exploitation of children and young people. You can also be part of bringing healing and hope to those who have been badly treated. How?

Church Mission Society supports dozens of people in mission who are caring and advocating for children and young people at risk.

  • Like Andy Roberts and his wife Rose, who provide a safe house, therapy and skills training for girls who have been abused.
  • Like Ann-Marie Wilson, who is working to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) across Africa and in the UK.
  • Like Kate and Tim Lee, who helped start Jigsaw Ministries in the Philippines, which meets the physical and spiritual needs of more than 1,000 children who live on the streets of Manila.

By making a gift to Church Mission Society, you can demonstrate that yes, neglect, abuse and taking advantage of children and young people bothers you, and that you want to join in God’s mission to give little ones life to the fullest.

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