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Video: Church Mission Society - Join us

The film features the stories of: 

  • deaf and disabled people in Iringa, Tanzania
  • marginalised indigenous people in the dry Chaco region in Argentina
  • families in one of Hull's most deprived areas
  • former Hindu prisoners being baptised inside a Nepali jail

Stunning visuals bring home the difference knowing Jesus makes to individuals – and to whole communities.

It's all set to a brand new lo-fi version of the hymn, Amazing Grace, by musician and artist Jon Bilbrough, who sang on Nitin Sawhney's last album. The author of Amazing Grace, John Newton, was a founder member of CMS. He was present at the meeting at the Castle and Falcon Inn in the City of London that brought CMS into being on Friday 12 April 1799.

Filmed by Ian Oakley of Whitestone Media, and Joseph Steinberg, the stories are woven together to show how the founding purpose of CMS – for all peoples of the world to experience changed lives through knowing Jesus – is still as urgent and vital as it was in 1799.

Philip Mounstephen, CMS executive director, said, "CMS exists to encourage all God's people to be involved in God's mission - bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom to our world.

"Today we are a vibrant mission community of supporters, members, mission partners and many others who make that possible.

"I hope this film will inspire many more to join us."