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Resources - Pioneer mission on estates and new housing developments

A collection of links and resources we hope may be useful to those interested in or pursuing ministry on estates and new housing areas.

Churches Together in England

Resources for new housing areas
Whether complete new towns or add on estates, nearly all parts of England are being presented with the challenge and opportunity of new housing areas (NHAs). A web area created particularly with the local church leader in mind but will be relevant to everyone interested in the challenge and opportunity.

Encounters on the Edge from Church Army

New Housing, New Partnerships? by George Lings (issue 23)
Does ecumenical church planting mean death by bureaucracy? How are mission-minded church plants being grown on the new housing developments? Do multiple denominational churches show us a way forward?

New Town, New Church - Deep excavations by George Lings (issue 52)
This issue tells the story of the birth and growth of a young church in one of our tougher UK mission contexts, the New Towns. Building genuine community from scratch in an artificially created neighbourhood is not easy.

Grove Books

Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas: Personal Reflections and a Practical Guide
by Ali Boulton and Penny Marsh

Church Growth Research Programme

Funding for Mission in New Housing and Other Development Areas: Key Learning Points
By the staff of the Resource Strategy & Development Unit

Assessing Proposals for Mission in New Housing Areas: A New Tool
By the staff of the Resource Strategy and Development Unit, in discussion with the Rev Miles Baker, Peterborough Diocesan Mission Enabler

Responding to Local Plan Making Consultation
Peter Morgan: New Communities Development Officer, Oxford Diocese

William Temple Foundation

Faith & Flourishing Neighbourhoods Network
Creating space for theological reflection on concepts of community and neighbourhood. Bridging academic perspectives and practical experience.

Church of England

Renewal & Reform Estates Evangelism 
With download of the report Developing Church Growth in Deprived Areas