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Prayer News 7 April 2017

“The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death.” Proverbs 14: 27 (NIV)

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

CMS Missional Entrepreneurship week 24-28 April

Please pray for those joining us this month for the Missional Entrepreneurship course in Devon, which is happening at the end of April at the beautiful Pickwell Manor.

Please visit this website for more information. It’s a chance for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, allowing a space to think and plan in beautiful rural Devon.

Please also pray for the leaders and helpers, those leading worship, talking about missional entrepreneurship, cooking food and generally helping to make the course a success. We hope and pray for very good things to come out of this week.

Lebanon: Extraordinary work, extraordinary people

As we mentioned last week, CMS’s executive leader, Philip Mounstephen, and its regional manager for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Tanas Alqassis, spent five days recently in Lebanon visiting mission partners, local partners and local partner organisations.

Give thanks for the astonishing work that people in mission are doing with Syrian refugees and the Lebanese Church – and give thanks too for the Syrian refugees ministering in Jesus’ name. Pray for the work of God's kingdom to press forward in power and love.


Bangladesh: The Church of Bangladesh

Please pray for the Church of Bangladesh as they cope with an increasingly harsh context. Pray also that prospective mission partners would come forward, who would offer to serve in Bangladesh and work with the diocese and its churches including the social development programme.

Asia: South Asian Partnership meeting

Give thanks for the South Asian Partnership meeting that took place in Bradford this week. There were leaders from the Church of Bangladesh, the Church of North India, the Church of South India and the Church of Pakistan. 

From Europe, churches and mission agencies from England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden attended. The meeting shared the progress and challenges made as well as planning for interdenominational and pertinent mission to be undertaken in a manner that demonstrated unity in Christ. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for future planning.

Latin America

Latin America: Prayers urgently needed

Please continue to pray for the victims of the natural disasters in Colombia and Peru and for the political situation in Paraguay.

Northern Argentina: Drayson Family

Give thanks and pray for the wedding of mission partners Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson’s daughter Stefanie to Rhys this Saturday. Pray for them as they move to New Zealand for two years on 25 April and especially for safe travels, for the right house, a good church and a job for Stefanie.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: New bishop

Please pray for the new bishop of the diocese, Eduardo Grillo, who is to be consecrated this Saturday (8 April) in the Cathedral. Pray for CMS people in mission Jess and Mark Simpson (with new baby, River) and Alex and Jane Cacouris (with Mylo, Maia and Louis) working at Christ Church Rio.

Ecuador: Sharon Wilcox

Please pray for mission partner Sharon Wilcox in Santo Domingo who is currently going through a period of rethinking of her role. Pray for discernment of God’s way forward for her and for her welcoming of short termers, Lydia and Mark Trezise, now doing language study in Quito.

Chile: Alf and Hilary Cooper

Please pray for our mission partners Alf and Hilary Cooper who are based in Chile. They write:

“Thank God for a wonderful mission on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, together with José Henriquez, one of the 33 rescued miners. Please pray for the follow up of many converts and people moved for the kingdom of God.”


South Sudan: the ongoing famine

There are currently appeals for aid by the UN and other agencies including UNHCR, the South Sudan Council of Churches and the Episcopal Church in South Sudan. Please pray that the Lord may intervene in the affairs of South Sudan and that the South Sudanese may live together in peace.

In this last two weeks of Lent, we extend our invitation to pray for the famine situation beyond South Sudan. Please pray for the larger Eastern Africa region, from Burundi, South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya to Ethiopia and for Madagascar, where many are starving to death.

Pray that the world will respond to the famine appeal and that food and water will reach those in need especially in South Sudan where transport is difficult because of continuing fighting and uncertainty. Please make this a daily prayer. Please pray too for those in the refugee camps. Pray for God’s provision and grace to meet their needs.

Burundi: Former archbishop appointed director of Anglican Centre in Rome

Give thanks that former archbishop of Burundi, Bernard Ntahoturi, has been appointed director of the Anglican Centre in Rome and will be the Archbishop of Canterbury’s personal representative and emissary to the Holy See.

Pray that the Lord will give him wisdom in his new role there as well as the ability to learn yet another language. Pray also for the leaders of the church in Burundi and Diocese of Matana in particular as they seek to find a new bishop of the diocese to replace archbishop Bernard.

Kenya: Ian and Merle Halliday

Please pray for Ian and Merle Halliday, CMS people in mission in Kenya working with the Lawyers Christian Fellowship. They write:

“We are grateful for your prayer support and ask in particular prayers for:

  • Our forthcoming visit to branch offices and fellowships – for safety in travel (particularly as we negotiate public transport), good relationships with those we meet and discernment in understanding their situations. We pray that we will both listen to and hear what people have to say.
  • Our colleagues: Joyce, the director, coping with a bereavement and ill health, Ken, Ricky, (leaving just before Easter) Elizabeth and other interns as we seek to befriend them and assist them in their work.
  • For Kenya: with thanks for some rain but prayers requested for the continuing drought in many parts of the country and preparations for the forthcoming elections."   

Tanzania: Christine Salaman

Mission partner Christine Salaman who is based in Tanzania writes:

“We are progressing with our project to develop an Anglican Church radio station. We have successfully passed the early stages of application for a licence and value your prayers as we proceed with the next stage. We are also searching for funds to make this project a reality. We would be grateful for your possible suggestions of organisations who may be able to support us.

“Please have a look at my new blog post ACT Mission and Evangelism for the Mission and Evangelism department. Please also pray as it is very unclear as to what will happen to the department when I leave. There is no money to employ a replacement even though suitable personnel are available. Please pray for God’s provision in this.”

CMS adds: As we have mentioned before, this summer Christine will return to the UK along with her husband. Christine is the mission and evangelism coordinator for the diocese. We are therefore trying to raise funds to employ a new coordinator which is vital to keep this work going. If you would like to help with this, please get into contact with Christine. It only costs around £6,000 to employ a coordinator for a year.