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Prayer News 5 May 2017

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Britain: Church Mission Society Northern Conference 2017

Please pray for the Church Mission Society’s Northern Conference happening this weekend (5-7 May) at Cliff College, Calver, Derbyshire.

Over the weekend we will explore our individual vocations to be God’s people wherever we are, hearing inspiring stories of those who have responded to God’s call. We will hear from people who have responded to this call in different ways, both at home and abroad: Andrea Campanale, CMS’s pioneer network animator, will speak about her personal vocation and pioneering ministry in general and Isobel Booth-Clibborn, a former mission partner, will talk about her vocation to serve in Africa and here in the UK. We also look forward to welcoming Bob and Margaret Lunt, whose individual vocations to serve in South America brought them together, and who have responded to God’s call to serve in different ways in the UK.

Britain: Worcester Diocesan CMS group

Please pray for the Worcester Diocesan CMS group AGM meeting on Wednesday (10 May) with mission partner Tim Curtis speaking about Bible translation work in the Paraguayan Chaco. Please also pray for all CMS groups at this time, that they will flourish, be strengthened and encouraged, and grow as they connect local and global mission together.


Nepal: Local elections and proselytization allegations

We have just heard from a partner organisation in Nepal who writes with some urgent prayer requests:

“"Nepal’s first local elections in 20 years will be held later this month, which will disrupt the work of many NGOs. Some local governments have (mis)interpreted the Election Commission’s rules to mean that NGOs should do no visible work at community level for a three-four week period around the elections.

"Please pray for the local elections to be peaceful and to produce much-needed accountability at local level – and pray for wisdom and safety for our cluster teams as they reschedule work to fit the electoral calendar.

"Finally, I wanted to ask for your prayers for a recent crop of proselytization allegations, claiming that we have been inducing people to become Christians. One of our key integral mission partners in one district has recently been required by government officials to stop virtually all of their activities and we’ve had to respond to two hostile stories in the national press about this situation. Please pray for our partner involved, and for our partners elsewhere who are doing this work.”

South East Asia: A training programme

A partner friend in a South East Asian country, one where Christians face many pressures and scrutiny by the government, writes asking for prayer:

““In 2017, we started a training programme. It is aimed at reaching out to local pastors and church leaders who lack opportunities to attend training in their local areas. Our facilitators humble themselves to stay where they stay, eat what they eat and fellowship with them in God’s love. In the first quarter we conducted three training sessions for the first level ‘Look at the Bible’s big picture’. There were 25 people who attended. We are unique because we deal with a very simple understanding of the whole Bible.”

Latin America

Argentina: Donald Brooks

Greg Venables, the bishop of Argentina and a mission associate, writes asking for prayer:

“Our son-in-law Donald [Brooks] who has dialysis three times a week now has Hepatitis C from blood transfusions. Please pray for a suitable donor for him.”

Honduras: Steve Poulson

Give thanks for the safe and happy arrival of mission partner Steve Poulson in Honduras. He has been introduced to the ministries with which he will be working in and near Tegucigalpa. Pray for him as he settles in and discovers his particular contribution in each place.

Uruguay: Upcoming transition

Pray for the diocese of Uruguay at a time of upcoming transition. The bishop, Michele Pollesel, has announced that he will be retiring at the end of July to return to Canada. Pray for the process of appointing a new bishop.

Latin America: Mary Rollin

Please continue to pray for Mary Rollin, local partner officer for Latin America, recovering from successful open heart surgery.


DR Congo: Rev Bisoke Balikenga

Thank God for local partner Rev Bisoke Balikenga who was in the UK for a week to attend a consultation on international discipleship.

On his way to way back to Congo he said: “It was so good [being in the UK] because many good things were discussed and I am happy the way we can work, helping God’s people.”

Please pray that Bisoke will put to good use all that he has been exposed to, as he carries out and leads discipleship training in Congo through the youth department of the Anglican Church.

South Sudan: South Sudanese in diaspora

Please thank God for the recent VISION Conference for South Sudanese in diaspora. Over 70 church leaders from 22 South Sudanese congregations took part in the conference, held in Nairobi from 11-21 April. Samaritan Strategy Africa trainers Stephen Mosheni and Meshack Oduke were the lead trainers.

Please pray that the conference will lead to much fruit and that it will help to transform the lives of the South Sudanese Christian diaspora.

Uganda: Kiwoko Hospital

Mission partner Corrie Verduyn writes asking for prayer:

“Dr Rory Wilson and his family are returning to Northern Ireland this week; this leaves the post of medical director at Kiwoko Hospital [a community based hospital in Nakaseke district, Uganda] vacant. For the time being, one of our surgeons, Dr James Nyonyintono, is stepping up into the role until a new medical director (as well as a business manager) can be found. We trust God in this situation but would also really appreciate your prayers. There is much anxiety amongst staff about the future of the hospital.

“Please pray for Dr James. He compared himself to David the shepherd boy, called to lead Israel. Pray for wisdom, discernment and joy as he takes on this new role.”