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Prayer News 20 January 2017

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12 (NIV)


Worldwide: Graham Kings, Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion

Please pray for Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings, Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion, and his work; especially please pray for the following:

  • Graham's travels to Florida as he preaches there. Pray for travelling mercies and wisdom for his preaching. 
  • The Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion Conference in Jerusalem, 22-30 March. Pray for all those travelling and contributing to the conference, as well as those at St George’s College, Jerusalem, who are helping organise it. 
  • The Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion Conference in Recife, Brazil, 24-27 April. Pray for the organisation of this conference and those managing that. 
  • The Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion seminars – please see this page for more info. We pray for the upcoming seminars from Canon Professor Dr John Mbiti and Dr Muthuraj Swamy, that they will be full of God’s wisdom, and that their words will resonate in people's hearts. 
  • Dr Muthuraj Swamy from India who is currently on sabbatical at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. We pray that this will be a fruitful and beneficial time for him.


Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Britain: Discernment for church PCCs

Pray for director of church and community mission, Debbie James, as she facilitates a day for two church PCCs this Saturday (21 January). Please pray also for those attending, that they will discern the missional challenges to which God is calling them.

Britain: CMS partnering with other organisations

Over the next week or so, Church Mission Society’s executive leader, Philip Mounstephen, Debbie James and other members of staff are meeting leaders in dioceses and in the Vineyard movement to discuss how partnership with CMS might develop. Pray for fruitful and creative discussions and good collaboration.

Britain: Growing Vocations Conference

Please pray for Susann Haehnel, CMS’s vocational recruitment manager, as she attends the forthcoming conference “Growing Vocations Conference: How we nurture every Christian on a vocational journey”.

Susann, along with Ed Hutton who was a short-termer with CMS in Kenya, is on a panel talking about vocational discernment around people going into mission. They are both then manning the CMS stand. Please pray for the event as a whole, for God’s wisdom to flow through the meetings, as well as for Susann and Ed and for people engaging with the stand.

Britain: Mission partner training

Please pray for the training underway at the CMS office for new mission partners. Pray that they can reflect on God’s call on their lives and how they can live that out as well as learning about culture and mission within a different context.

Egypt: Give thanks

Give thanks for a good and productive trip to Egypt for Tanas al Qassis, regional manager for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Philip Mounstephen, and that relationships were strengthened and new possibilities imagined.


Nepal: Andrew and Andrea Young

Please pray for Andrew and Andrea Young, two Church Mission Society mission partners working in Nepal.

Andrea writes: “Very sadly, I have fractured my foot. I have got to wear a cast and boot for the next six weeks and so am house bound and feeling frustrated. I will be having an X-ray after 25 days to see how the fracture is healing and I am told that this break is very common here in Nepal.”

Please pray for Andrea and for a full and quick healing.

Nepal: Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC)

Please join the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) as they celebrate their 30th anniversary on 2 February, the Global Day of Prayer. Please thank God for his faithfulness to KISC and continued blessings.

You can sign up to joining in with people around the world in praying for KISC, on 2 February. There is a sign up system providing 15 minute slots for the 24 hour period and feel free to sign up for as many slots as you would like. The details are below:

Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot: Please note, the times on the website are for the Nepal timezone – GMT +5hrs 45mins. For more information, please see this website

Latin America

Latin America: Inspiration and rest needed for our mission partners

Please continue to pray for the home ministry of four of our mission partners: Alf and Hilary Cooper and Catherine Le Tissier and Nick Drayson. They are speaking to many churches and conferences as well as spending time with family so please pray for rest and refreshment as well as inspiration as they speak.

Chile: Federico and Rosita Bascuñan

Federico and Rosita Bascuñan are local partners with the Diocese of Chile serving St Andrew’s Church in Arica in the very north of Chile. Federico’s mother has cancer and they recently had a health scare about one of their grandchildren who has acute anaemia. Please pray. Their family all live in Bolivia where Federico and Rosita used to live and they find it hard particularly when there are problems. Please pray for them and also their church which is growing with their ministry.

Brazil: Jimmy and Katia Rocks

Mission partners Jimmy and Katia Rocks, based in Florianopolis, Brazil, are working as church planters and creating authentic community and a safe, informal and relational environment to explore faith. They ask for prayer for:

  • Wisdom, direction and fruit for both them and their church as they seek to better engage their local community and be part of extending God’s Kingdom. 
  • God’s provision as the low British pound (due to Brexit) has had a bearing on family finances. 
  • Protection and health as a family.



South Sudan: Consecration of three new bishops

Please give thanks for a wonderful service held last Sunday in Emmanuel Cathedral, Kajo Keji, to celebrate the consecration of three new bishops. CMS regional manager for Africa, Stephen Burgess, was in attendance along with mission partner Garry Ion who helped to design and build Emmanuel Cathedral six years ago. Four thousand people attended with many more thousands outside and it was a wonderful celebration.

Two bishops from Yei Diocese were consecrated to the joy of many Christians who had travelled by road from Yei for the occasion. Yei Diocese is the most southerly of all the dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan and is one of the more peaceful parts of South Sudan.

Bishop Hilary of Yei Diocese spoke powerfully of the church leader being a shepherd who stays with his flock even in times of trouble and so giving hope to his people. Many other government and church leaders present testified to the work of the Church in building and promoting peace. There was a real sense of peace and joy throughout the whole occasion and the new bishop of Kajo Keji, Emmanuel Murye, was warmly welcomed with songs and enthusiastic dancing. There was also a lot of joy when he was presented with goats and cows amongst many other gifts.

Please continue to pray for those made bishops on Sunday. Along with Emmanuel Murye, Seme Nigo and James Keny were made bishops, for neighbouring dioceses in the Yei area (Keny in the new Diocese of Morobo). They become church leaders at a very difficult time in South Sudan’s turbulent short history and the Church is playing both a vital role in supporting war-torn communities and encouraging peace with political leaders.

Uganda: Potter’s Village

Please pray for the Potter’s Village (a child crisis and medical centre) in Kisoro, South West Uganda. We have just heard from the people running it, Mike and Sue Hughes, who write asking for prayer for:

  • “Moses, a 15 year old boy. He was suffering from severe malnutrition and had received a positive TB test and so began treatment. He nearly died on Christmas Day when he was having convulsions which were possibly due to tuberculosis in the brain. However, he is much more stable now and eating and responding verbally and his weight has increased from 20kg to 27kg. Please continue to pray for him. He will need to continue treatment for at least a year. 
  • “Preparations for a maternity area have begun. Please pray that we will be able to provide an effective antenatal service which helps to save the lives of babies and mothers. 
  • “Please pray for a greater understanding of malnutrition within the community. Last night, a mother came in with her severely malnourished 17 month old child whom we found to be HIV positive. The mother had refused to be admitted last week. Sadly, the child died this afternoon but could have been saved if treated much earlier. Malnutrition with HIV is a huge problem in the area. We have another child on the malnutrition unit at present in similar circumstances called Favour. Please pray for her and her mother who have both commenced treatment this week. The mother wants to take her child home to die. We want her to stay for a while and take her child home to live. 
  • “The latest admission to the crisis centre is Immaculate. Her mother died a week after the birth. Immaculate had been looked after by the family for about 10 days but was very dehydrated when she came to us.  She is not tolerating feeds well and so please pray for her recovery and future. 
  • “Patient attendance at the medical centre and local hospital is low. This means many children are dying or at risk of dying within the community. Pray for a good harvest to help finances and that parents will prioritise the health of their children.”