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Prayer News 10 March 2017

"When I said, 'My foot is slipping', your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy." Psalm 94:18-19 (NIV)

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Pioneer course open day – Tuesday 14 March

Please pray for the CMS Pioneer open day this Tuesday (14 March) and for a really good turnout. Pray also for those attending as they think about their futures and perhaps begin to pray and discuss ideas about study. Finally, please pray for those involved in running the day, for wisdom, discernment, energy and creativity. If you are interested in attending, or know someone who might be, then please visit this page or email

The Middle East: Prayer for an Iraqi Christian

Please pray for protection and safety for an Iraqi lady who is a Christian convert from a Muslim background. Pray also for her children.

The Middle East: Tanas Alqassis

Pray for CMS’s regional manager for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Tanas Alqassis, as he travels to the Middle East this month. Pray for wisdom, discernment and favour, and spiritual and physical protection for him.

Britain: Michael Green

Please continue to pray for the health of mission partner Michael Green who has been unwell for the past few months. He is working as an evangelist and offering discipleship and care for Middle Easterners in Ipswich, Suffolk, as well as training the church in engagement with Muslims. Pray for a real breakthrough in his physical well being.

Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: Local partners

Pray for all the CMS local partners based in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa who live in hardship and dangerous areas as they reach others for Christ. Pray for their deep protection in Jesus and for a renewed boldness to spread the gospel message to all those who do not yet believe.

Britain: Southern Conference, Hope for Refugees

Give thanks for the recent CMS Southern Conference “Hope for Refugees: helping those whose lives have been torn apart”, which was held last week at High Leigh. It was a very successful event and a wonderful time of fellowship, with lots of people attending and many new connections formed.


Philippines: Eric and Sandra Read

Please pray for mission partners Eric and Sandra Read who are based in the Philippines as they continue to live in a rural community and share the gospel.

Please also pray for all the farmers that have been hit by the recent drought and seen their crops ruined and for the possible/probable loss of income this has brought.

Nepal: Dan Munday

Please pray for mission partner Dan Munday and a team accompanying him during forthcoming travels in Nepal.

Dan writes: “Please pray for safety in travelling, somewhere okay to stay and for good health. I think the roads where we are going are pretty bad and most of the buildings there have been destroyed, but we have been told there will be somewhere to stay and our local NGO partner will be with us. We have hired a vehicle from Kathmandu, partly because the last one hired in Lamjung was probably only marginally road-worthy!” Please also pray for Dan’s wife Phillipa, a fellow mission partner, and for her work as she remains in Kathmandu.

India: Jane Andrew

Pray for short-term mission partner Jane as she returns to India. During her short-term stay last year, she started to write a book (a Christian novel) and is now going back to India to do some more research for the book. She is planning to be away for three months. Jane has currently written half of the book and hopes to finish it during her time there. Pray that her research will make it possible for her to finish the book and that it will lead to interesting conversation about faith with the people she meets.

Nepal: Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC)

Please join the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) as they look to fill various teacher vacancies. For more information, please see this page.

Their desire is to play a role in all God is doing in Nepal, bringing Kingdom values of love, grace, community and justice. They aim to do this by providing excellent education for both the international mission community and the Nepali school communities with whom they work.

Nepal: Chuli Scarfe

Pray for mission associate Chuli Scarfe as she is going to Nepal next week to train female sports coaches. Pray that women will be interested and willing to learn and that at the same time it will boost their confidence and skills.

Latin America

Guatemala: A fire that has killed 19 children

Street Kids Direct’s founder and director, Duncan Dyason, with whom mission partners Mark and Rosalie Balfour will be working, posted on Facebook this week:

“We have been asked to help with the crisis in the secure children’s unit in Guatemala City [the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala, and the most populous in Central America]. A fire has killed at least 19 children today and dozens more are being rushed into hospital. Yesterday 50 children escaped from the unit and we are concerned about the situation, which is changing every hour. I am hoping to visit the unit later today with a donation of water and food – something they have appealed for directly to us.”

Chile: Rural Bible Institute

Please pray for the students and tutors at the Rural Bible Institute in Temuco as they often combine study for ministry with many other commitments at home and work.

Argentina: Charlie Fox

Please pray for short-term mission partner Charlie Fox who is working in an orphanage outside Buenos Aires called Hogar el Alba. Pray for his Spanish and his relationship with the young people

Latin America: Azaria Spencer and Steve Poulson

Continue to pray for our mission partners in training here in Oxford – Azaria Spencer (going to Guatemala) and Steve Poulson (going to Honduras). Pray for them in this transition period, particularly for the visits to different churches gathering more prayer and financial support.

Ecuador: Lydia and Mark Trezise

Please pray for short-term mission partners Lydia and Mark Trezise who leave shortly for Quito, Ecuador, where they will be learning Spanish. They will then join mission partner Sharon Wilcox in Santo Domingo where they will be working with Life In Abundance Trust (LIAT) and Craft Aid International to start a craft workshop.

Paraguay: Rev Donald Brooks

Please continue to pray for the Rev Donald Brooks as he awaits a kidney transplant. He has long been connected to CMS and SAMS (the South American Mission Society).


Kenya: Caroline and Dick Seed

Please pray for our mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed who are based in Kenya. Caroline writes:

“Just to let you know that my father, David, passed away suddenly in Swansea on Tuesday. He was a godly father and an inspiration to me and to many whom he taught and ministered to. We are confident that he is at peace with the Lord.

“I am teaching intensively this week in order to bring the students up to speed before exams. It is exhausting but the Lord is giving me strength. Please pray for me in this before I fly back to the UK for the funeral. Please also pray for my mother and my siblings as the sudden death has been a shock to us all.”

South Sudan: An update

Please continue to hold South Sudan in your prayers. CMS trustee, Jane Shaw, writes with an update:

Fighting and violence continues: We have received alarming reports from Pagak (Unity State), Jonglei, Upper Nile and Central Equatoria. From Pigi county, Jonglei, come details of a massacre of villagers by government troops who locked them in a hut and set fire to it. Military activity is preventing delivery of food aid but on 2 March aid workers succeeded in reaching 140,000 people in Mayendit and Koch county and in Unity state, and are planning to deliver to Leer county, site of the most acute famine. However, on 4 March the government ordered the withdrawal of all humanitarian agencies from Mayendit in preparation for a major military campaign. Please pray for an end to conflict and violence and for food and other aid to reach everywhere safely, especially in the famine areas.

National dialogue: President Kiir’s new initiative of a National Dialogue is to start on 15 March; the opposition (who were not consulted) have been threatened that if they reject it, they will be “flushed out” of their base in Pagak. The president has also announced a National Day of Prayer on 10 March, for peace, reconciliation and forgiveness, but there is no movement or mention of the IGAD-brokered Peace Agreement. Pray that God would turn the hearts of all in positions of power to an acknowledgment of the evils of violence and the desperate need for peace, and pray that the Church's voice will be heard and heeded.

Signs of hope: MSF has withdrawn from Bor Hospital, after a three-year training programme that enabled local staff of all disciplines to take charge. However, MSF is still active in other areas including Bentiu, Yuai, Malakal and Mayom.

The army has arrested three soldiers accused of mass rape in Kubi village, south of Juba. Pray this may be the beginning of the end of impunity for human rights abuses.

The Comboni missionaries, the Chair of the Anglican Provinces of Africa, and the Archbishop of Canterbury have all released statements of solidarity and prayers for the people of South Sudan, and the Pope has declared his desire to visit South Sudan with the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is thought this visit could take place later this year. Pray that this visit would be influential in changing the overall situation.

Tanzania: Ben and Katy Ray

CMS mission partners Ben and Katy Ray, based in Tanzania, write with an urgent prayer request:

“Since we last wrote, Neema Crafts has bid farewell to its much loved volunteer managers, Eric and Maria Holbein from the US. Having been with us for three years and helped to develop so much at the project, they have left a big space in our team as well as our hearts. Although we have been reaching out for some time now for a couple to replace these volunteers, we have so far not found a suitable match. This feels like new territory for us as up until now we have found the Lord has brought the right people at just the right moment. We don’t doubt that this will be the case in the long-run, but right now we are having to walk in greater faith as we try to meet all of the demands of such a large enterprise on our own. Do pray for volunteer managers to be found. More details can be found here.

Uganda: Davis Manana, a local partner 

Davis Manana, a local partner who runs the Bungokho Community Development Centre in Mbale, writes with a few prayer requests:

“It’s true that God’s grace is surely sufficient. My sincere hope is that you will continue to uphold in your prayers our work at Bungokho and also my family. Please pray for total healing for my son Emmanuel; pray also for more students to be recruited in the trade school; continuous funding for the community programmes; better weather, which is currently affecting our tree planting programmes, and finally for famine stricken families within our communities.”