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Prayer News 10 February 2017

“So watch yourselves. If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.” Luke 17:3-4 (NIV)


Global: Prayer for all in high positions

At a time of significant turmoil in world affairs, let us pray for “all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Timothy 2:2) remembering especially US President Trump, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and others too. Pray for them to govern and lead according to the standards and values of the Kingdom of God.

Global: Mission partners in training

Steve Poulson, a mission partner heading off to Honduras in April, writes: “Please continue to pray for the new mission partners who are in training. We are learning a huge amount and particularly enjoyed the people in mission conference last week. Please pray for energy as we continue to study and form relationships with new link churches.”

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Britain: Ruth Radley

Please pray for mission partner Ruth Radley as she moves to Birmingham this weekend and begins a new life there. Give thanks for the work at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and how it is shaping up, as well as the team Ruth has joined. Pray that she will settle and find new friends quickly.”

Britain: General Synod

Please pray for the meeting of the Church of England’s General Synod that is meeting in the next week – Monday, 13 February-Friday, 17 February. Pray especially for wisdom and grace in all their deliberations and discussions under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Britain: Ruth Sayers

Ruth Sayers, a mission partner based in Plymouth, Devon, writes asking for prayer:

  • “Please pray for a few things: a decision has been made to close the doctor’s surgery in Devonport. This will affect a large number of people and will cause difficulties for many, especially older folk and young families. There is a high demand for the nearest surgery and some will have to travel a fair distance to get the services they need. Please pray for wisdom for the NHS services as they seek to provide healthcare for the area. 
  • “Thank God for the opportunity to reach out to the residents of a local sheltered housing facility. They have asked for a short act of worship for the residents and we hope to start this in the next few weeks. Pray for wisdom as we offer this service and for opportunities to build relationships. 
  • “The work club celebrated its fourth year of operation and its 407th member last week. This is an amazing achievement and was celebrated with a cake! Please pray that we will be able to access funding to keep the work club going and for enough volunteers to help as the membership rate continues to grow.”   


The Middle East: An ID problem

Two mission partners working in a particular country in the Middle East write: “An issue facing several families here is that once you have your religion on your ID card, you cannot change it. Moreover your children are registered with the same religion as you. So the school-aged children of those who have become believers (even pastors!) have to go to the class that teaches them to be good Muslims. Some children really react against this. Please pray for a just solution to the ID card problem and also for children to have wisdom in school, to be able to talk about their religion without offending their teachers or bringing danger to their families.”

Britain: Trisha Wick

Trisha Wick, a mission associate who is working in Hull as a pioneer minister, writes with news and prayer requests:

  • “Pray for our monthly Messy Church for families. The next two are today, 10 February, and Friday, 17 March. Pray for new families to join us and for the Messy Church leadership team. 
  • "Pray as we plan for our main Easter outreach service which will be called ‘The Great Eggscape’. It will be followed by a resurrection party. 
  • "We don’t want Hull City of Culture 2017 to pass us by on Longhill so we are proposing to organise several activities for July including a Songs of Praise for Longhill on 19 July and ‘Don’t Miss the Boat’ when we hope to build a boat outside the Centre on the same day as our Summer Fayre – 22 July. Our theme is ‘Rivers of Life’ as the roads on Longhill are all named after rivers. We want to decorate the Centre inside and out with fish and other displays. The groups using the Centre are full of good ideas and are excited at the prospect. 
  • "Now we have heating in the hall we have a couple of new bookings but need more to increase our income in order to pay our utility bills. Please pray for this. 
  • "Finally, pray for the following event on Wednesday, 22 February, 1:30-2:30 at our welcome centre: ‘CMS COMMUNITEA: welcome to afternoon tea with a message by Rev Trisha Wick’. 150 Shannon Road, Longhill, Hull. HU8 9PD. It’s an invitation to the churches in Hull to come and be encouraged by this exciting venture of faith on Hull’s Longhill Estate.”



Nepal: the Kathmandu International Study Centre

Mission partners Dan and Phillipa Munday write asking for prayer:

“Please pray for the Kathmandu International Study Centre, recruiting new teachers for the next academic year. There are several key vacancies still to be filled. Pray for well-qualified teachers with a heart for sharing Jesus through excellent education, in this inspiring school in Kathmandu for 4-18 year olds.”

India: Prayer for David

Please pray for David, a young man who this week will be flying to India for five months to work as a short-term person in mission. He will be gaining invaluable exposure, helping him hear what the Lord is saying about his future. David will be helping with some of the crucial work that two mission partners are doing in the region concerning safeguarding.

Asia: The South Asia Christian Youth Network

The South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN) report for 2016 has just been sent out. It was a wonderful year last year for which we give God thanks. SACYN 2017 is now being planned with a new approach that will gather a small group of selected youth leaders for an intensive capacity building for leaders module. This will help leaders to implement the well laid out plans for each participating country. 

Please pray for the successful raising of funds for SACYN’s 2017 programme of events (currently about 50 per cent has been raised). SACYN is also planning an exciting project that will help establish a SACYN app, which will link young people across South Asia to innovate, pray, support and raise funds.

Asia: Prayer for opportunities to remain and people to serve

Pray that the many opportunities in Asia will remain available as we wait and pray for people who will serve to go.

As we have mentioned before in Prayerspace, please pray that people will come forward for mission in Asia, particular those who are willing to work alongside local partners. For many months, the proportion of people enquiring for mission in Asia has been low compared to other regions, and 60 per cent of the world’s population live in this continent and the need is great.

Latin America

Peru: Countless floods, torrential rains and other natural disasters

The bishop of Peru, Jorge Luis Aguilar, writes asking for prayer for the people of Peru who are currently suffering several natural disasters.

He writes: “There have been countless floods, torrential rains and other natural disasters occurring in the past week or so with 45 places affected by some tragedy or other. These have resulted in more than 25 deaths along with much damage to infrastructure.

“Many sections of local roads have been interrupted by 'huaycos' (fall of rocks, mud and other objects of the hills) and many areas are affected by the largest amount of rainfall in 25 years. Please pray for the nation of Peru at this time.”

Peru: Two young brothers in Lima…

Please pray this week for two young brothers in Lima, Peru. 

Local partner Anderson Sanchez tells their story: “José was about 15 years old when we got to know him. He was involved in a gang and getting into bad behaviour but we then invited him to our church camp where he became a follower of Christ. His life was changed but he is still fighting against the temptation to go back with his old friends again. It’s hard for him to resist, so we would ask you to pray for him to be strong in his new-found faith.

“David is 14 and came to our church looking for help. He was fighting the same issues as his brother José, and also accepted Christ as his Saviour at our church camp. He had already dropped out of school. We encouraged him to go back, and spoke to the head, who was naturally quite reluctant at first. Thankfully David was taken back into school, telling the head that he was a new person in Jesus, and promising to work hard. He did well that year and is now a class leader, helping others to change their lifestyle.

“However, the two boys’ mother is not in good health but is obliged to work selling vegetables on a street market. The doctor has told her she must rest, which means that the brothers need to look for jobs. Please pray for the family, for their mother’s health, and for José and David to continue strong in their faith. Please pray too that they will be able to continue their schooling, and find some part-time work to help the family with essential expenses.”

Paraguay: The launch of the audio/dramatised version of the Énxet New Testament

Mission partner Tim Curtis, based in Paraguay, writes asks for prayer as he makes arrangements for the launch of the audio/dramatised version of the Énxet New Testament in the Chaco. It’s due to take place on Saturday, 18 March with representatives of Faith Comes by Hearing.

Guatemala: Azaria Spencer

Mission partner in training Azaria Spencer writes asking to give thanks for the discernment of her location, Guatemala, and asks for prayer for continued, growing prayer and financial support and for her current training in Oxford.


Burundi: The hungriest country in the world

Please continue to pray for mission associate Simon Guillebaud and family, based in Burundi, and for the nation as a whole. Simon writes: “We are the hungriest country in the world, with the highest rate of malnutrition – these are official facts – and people are starving daily. Food prices due to scarcity are rising so most can’t afford to eat enough.”

Please pray for God’s provision at this time.

South Sudan: Urgent prayer appeal for Kajo Keji from Bishop Emmanuel

Please pray for the Diocese of Kajo-Keji which is one of the 43 dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSS&S).

Bishop Emmanuel Murye writes: “Over 70 per cent of the people of Liwolo County [and a few other areas] have gathered into internally displaced camps within Liwolo. The church is encouraging people to stay, even if that means gathering into churches for security and other services.

“Please pray for food and medical supplies for all internally displaced people; logistical support to the diocese to be accessible for many others both inside Kajo-Keji and outside, and for refugee camps in Uganda, for pastoral peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. Lastly, please pray for peace across all of South Sudan and Sudan. May God bless you all.”

Kenya: Drought and elections

Mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed, based in Kenya, write with an urgent prayer request:

“Please remember those affected by drought, especially in northern Kenya. Pray that the Lord will send plentiful rains during the April-May rainy season.

“Please also pray for peaceful elections in August this year and that the Lord will grant peace and trust to people who are already feeling anxious about what might happen.”

Uganda: Nicci Maxwell

Dr Nicci Maxwell, a short-term mission partner in Kisoro, Uganda, working with the Potter’s Village, is full of praise for her good recovery after being ill last month. Recently she has been teaching midwives from Kisoro Hospital about resuscitating and managing tiny babies. Give thanks for the good relationships built up with the local hospital and please pray that they will continue and that Nicci will get her message across clearly. Pray also for Linda Lane visiting Potters Village this week, from St Marys, Chelmsford. She is visiting mission people in Rwanda and Uganda from 9 February-2 March.

DR Congo: Bishop Desire Kadorho

Please continue to pray for Bishop Desire Kadorho, the first bishop of the new Diocese of Goma. Pray for wisdom in his leadership for the whole diocese and for the right people to be appointed as diocesan staff members, to support the bishop and to be effective in their church ministry.