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Walter Toro - Bolivia

In my pastoral ministry my hope is to serve many local families and to support people, especially those going though trials and tribulations. This includes family counselling, teaching Bible studies, personal discipleship, administration and leadership training.

My role includes help and support for married couples in times of crisis as well as the planning, organisation and administration of the life and growth of the church. Another aspect to my role is that of equipping leaders who will go on to impact society through their witness to our city. I lead the congregation in worship, celebration of services, teaching, preaching and sharing the gospel in our city.


To pastor the people of God


Pastor at Jesus the Good Shepherd (Jesus el Buen Pastor) church in Tarija

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I am a Bolivian. I have felt called to be a priest since I was a child so my whole education has been focused on studying the bible, theology, philosophy and missiology. That is to say, everything needed in order to be a loyal servant, ready and able to make a contribution to God’s work.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord as we serve his children, and help to give hope and peace in the face of the many ups and downs our people are experiencing.

I am happily married to Adelita, my wife, who is also called to serve in God’s work. We are involved in the essential task of family counselling, not only by way of teaching courses and offering therapy, but by our strong witness to our Christian faith and commitment. Our strength resides in living and encouraging a profound spirituality in our community of believers with spiritual retreats, gatherings and fellowship.

God has blessed our home with two daughters, Brisa Belen (who plays piano in our worship ministry) and Cielo Aileen (who is an usher and helps with IT). Both our daughters participate fully in church activities.

It is a privilege to be part of Church Mission Society, and have people in other countries and on other continents praying for our ministry and sharing experiences, as well as contributing to our financial support. This is a great help – thank you very much.

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