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Derek and Jane Waller - South Sudan

Why are we in Yei? Having been there with Church Mission Society in the 1980s, we never lost our love for its people. In the 23 years after we returned to the UK, Derek was ordained and served in three parishes and Jane worked part-time in adult education teaching ICT and maths and was also a magistrate. When the opportunity came to return to help the church rebuild after the devastation of the war with North Sudan, we believed that this was the call of God.


To train pastors in South Sudan.


Jane is a tutor at Bishop Allison Theological College (BATC) and ICT tutor for the Diocese of Yei. Derek is a tutor and chaplain at BATC.

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When BATC opened in early 2015 it soon became apparent that most of the students’ English was very limited. So Jane’s first role has been to work hard on the students’ speaking, writing and understanding English. She has also begun teaching diocesan staff computer skills and is developing a new website for the diocese, prior to its centenary in 2017. Derek’s main area of teaching has been biblical studies. His greatest thrill comes when the students see the relevance of the Scriptures for their life and ministry. We are both passionate about the worship life and spiritual development of our students.

We appreciate the long history of CMS in South Sudan. The gospel was brought to Yei in 1917 by CMS missionaries Mary and Paul Gibson. The pioneering ministries of mission partners now and in the past are a spur and an inspiration to us as we pursue our missionary calling. We are excited to be part of the CMS family and value the support we receive.

In July 2016, the civil war in South Sudan seriously affected Yei. Many have fled from Yei to their villages or Uganda. BATC was temporarily closed and Bishop Hilary advised us to leave Yei for our own safety. So at present we are in the UK waiting to return. We call upon the church in the UK to pray

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