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Chris and Suzy Wilson - Ethiopia

Since 2013, around 250,000 people have fled South Sudan to the Gambella region of Ethiopia, including thousands of Christians. In September 2015, St Frumentius' Theological College was launched to provide support and training to church leaders in Gambella as they attempt to promote peace and reconciliation.

As part of the staff team at St Frumentius', we help provide theological training to local church leaders. This includes delivering courses to full-time students who are training for ordination as well as giving training and support to existing church leaders across the region.


We desire to raise up and equip indigenous Christian leaders to serve rural communities in South Sudan and Ethiopia.


We are on the staff team at St Frumentius' Theological College and involved in the provision of theological training to local church leaders.

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We first met at church while studying at university. After graduating, we joined the Teach First programme and spent several years teaching in challenging urban comprehensive schools. In 2011, we got married and – three weeks later – moved to a rural village in Zambia, where we taught in a secondary school and lived in the local community, sharing a house with two students. It was here that our eyes were opened to the immense challenges faced by churches throughout rural Africa and we felt called to serve these church communities. Since 2013, we have been back in the UK, preparing to move to East Africa. During this time we have had two children, Abigail and Matthew.

We joined Church Mission Society because we like their commitment to partnering with the local church. We’ve been impressed with the support that we have received and feel we are much stronger for being part of a community of people who want the world to know Jesus.

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