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Caroline and Dick Seed - Kenya

Churches in East Africa have expressed a need for theological training. We are working among some of the most marginalised churches to develop theological training and to build capacity for training others.

Caroline teaches the Bible at The Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA) within the theology department. She is a leader of a team of African women who are writing a commentary for new Christians from a Muslim background, helping them process the Christian faith from their existing worldview.

Dick trains theological educators from African Instituted Churches in the skills they need for writing and teaching theological education by extension (TEE) courses. Dick also runs Theological Education Development Services (TEDS) as part of the ministry of Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC). TEDS provides training and advice for Christian universities and theological colleges within Africa.


A call to teach Africans the Word of God and to empower others to do the same along with a call to discipling Christians from a Muslim background.


Caroline teaches the Bible and is a leader of a team of African women working in the Islamic context. Dick consults, coordinates, researches, teaches and writes course materials.

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Dick was ordained in South Africa in 1981 and was involved in church planting, ministry and lay and pastoral training in southern Africa, the UK and Germany until 1999. After his initial theological training, he completed a master’s degree in education through the University of Oxford (1995) and a PhD in learning and culture at the University of Birmingham (2007). Since joining CMS in 2000 he has taught theology, run a theological college, trained lecturers and consulted for Christian higher education in West and East Africa.

Caroline originally trained as a language teacher but diversified into theology, doing an MA in mission studies in 2001, an MTh in 2009 and a PhD in 2015. She has taught theology and languages in five different sub-Saharan colleges and universities and has had administration roles in several of them.