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Andrea Campanale - Britain

There’s a desperate need to re-imagine the gospel for our western, postmodern culture. Many in the UK are searching for meaning and acknowledge the spiritual as an important aspect of their personhood and experience of life. We have a wonderful opportunity to speak God’s love into this yearning.

I visit new age fairs and talk to people about Jesus. This is partly through the Sacred Space missional community which has set up a town centre chaplaincy service, participates in local events to build relationships with steam punks and is currently helping John Bunyan Baptist Church develop a community arts centre in their building.


I am called to people in the UK who would describe themselves as “spiritual” rather than “religious”


I have set up and run Sacred Space Kingston for 11 years. It’s a mission project and a fresh expression of church, finding creative ways to express Christianity and resonating with spiritual seekers.

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Brought up in the Church of England, I became a Christian at 18 and was an elder in Surbiton Community Church for nine years before stepping down to focus on mission. I began outreach to spiritual seekers at Kingston Green Fair and now train and set up teams to do mission at mind, body, spirit fairs around the UK. I established Sacred Space to make contacts and disciples in Kingston and have worked with the faith advisor at Kingston University and the chaplaincy team at the YMCA to creatively engage with people who describe themselves as spiritual rather than religious. I became a mission partner in 2010 and studied on the CMS pioneer leadership training. I was admitted into the CMS community in 2014 as a lay pioneer and am now studying for an MA with CMS and teach other pioneers about cross-cultural mission, fresh expressions and theological reflection.

Working across denominations and taking risks for the gospel, it’s not always been possible to fit in church. CMS provides a place where I belong and feel understood. I’m applying lessons of cross-cultural mission from around the globe and am part of a network of pioneers that’s helping to renew the church.

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