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Amy and David Roche - Lebanon

The Middle East is the original home of Christianity, yet today Christians are in the minority. Serving here gives us a chance to speak about Jesus while we also meet the needs of those in poverty. But whatever our official "role" may be, our witness first and foremost, is to live and promote the Christian life to its fullness.

David is vicar of the international congregation at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Beirut and Amy is also on the staff there. As well as working pastorally in our congregation, we coordinate mission to enable our church in its outreach work. We work alongside several educational and social development projects that help the many refugees streaming into Lebanon from the war in Syria.


To share the good news of Jesus Christ in our diverse community in diverse ways


We are mission coordinators for our church working pastorally with those in need

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We both hail from East Yorkshire where Amy trained as a teacher and David was a police officer. Mission has always been on our heart, even as teenagers. We established a small church in France in 2005, which is still going.

Church Mission Society is very special. Its history is rooted in bringing the gospel of peace and freedom to those who are overlooked and have no voice. We are glad to be part of the family of CMS whose heart is to gently empower all followers of Christ to live out Christian faith and ethics in ways that change the culture around us.

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