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Alex and Jane Cacouris - Brazil

Alex and Jane Cacouris are CMS people in mission who share a desire to see people lifted out of both spiritual and material poverty. Together with their three children, Mylo, Maia and Louis, they are working in Rio de Janeiro – a city that reflects Brazil’s extremes.

Alex is associate chaplain at Christ Church, Rio, one of only a handful of English speaking churches in Rio, with a huge opportunity to reach out to the approximately 100,000 English speakers in the city. Jane is using her experience in water and sanitation, and environmental sustainability.

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Brazil is a country of extremes. Estimated to have the seventh largest economy in the world, 26 percent of the country’s population live below the poverty line. Brazilian society is well-known for its flamboyant and party-loving nature and yet violence, corruption and the drug trade are also a stark reality. Brazil has a strong Christian heritage with a high percentage of Catholics and Pentecostals living there today, but has denominational tensions that can undermine the Christian message.

They have felt a growing sense of God’s calling over the past few years to use their combined skills and passions to work together overseas. They also very much believe that each of their three children are part of this calling too, and that they are an integral part of God’s plan for the mission work that they hope to do. Alex recently completed his final year of a curacy in London and has a heart for evangelism and mobilising Christians for mission, and Jane has a longstanding passion for poverty alleviation, and a background in international development. 

Alex is working as part of a new team ministry aiming to grow the church through, amongst other opportunities, evangelistic initiatives like the Alpha Course, and seeking to reach young families and children. The team is also hoping to extend the church’s social action, in a city where the need is so great.

Jane is using her experience in water and sanitation, and environmental sustainability - both major issue areas in the “Favelas” (unplanned settlements) that are spread throughout the city. She has also felt God prompt her in the area of gender inequality and the associated role of the church, and is keen to explore working in this area, in a country where rates of sexual and physical violence against women is one of the highest in the world.

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