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Devonport in the details

We follow Ruth Sayers from the Middle East to the south-west to uncover community mission in Plymouth

The Call: new mission newspaper from Church Mission Society
Women of AMARE

A quiet revolution

The diocese of Northern Argentina is vast, culturally complex and facing massive changes. A fast-growing movement of women is leading “a quiet...

Pauline Hill

My call in action: Pauline Hill, Norfolk

I realised that I should be more out in the community than in church. Because it's more important that Christ has a presence in the marketplace.

Erika Biscoe, ordained pioneer minister

My call in action: Erika Biscoe

One of the first ordained pioneer ministers to complete training with Church Mission Society's Pioneer Mission Leadership Training was Erika Biscoe....

Jesus makes beautiful things out of dust: Nepal graffito

Nepal: one year on

How a Nepali mission became a relief agency and saw attitudes to Christianity transformed