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Photostory: Dance in Uganda

Dance is lifting the spirits of Ugandan girls who have missed out on education. All photos: Chris Tabu, CRANE

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"To bring lasting change through the power of dance" is how Helen Burningham describes her call.

She works with CRANE (Children at Risk Network) in Uganda, teaching educative dance at many of its 20 Creative Learning Centres. These are staging posts to enable at-risk girls, many with heartrending stories, to get back into mainstream education.

“Dance does have some connotations of being for the elite and strong bodied, but it doesn’t have to be experienced in just that way; instead, it can bring unity where words fail.” – Helen Burningham

Helen leads dance workshops, including with girls with varying disabilities, and trains teachers on how to use dance within a classroom setting for learners of all abilities.

But these delightful pictures from CRANE photographer Chris Tabu tell the story better than we can.

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