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Rector needed for Peru cathedral

Good Shepherd Cathedral in Lima, Peru, is looking for a rector.

The candidate is required to be qualified, highly motivated and competent with relevant experience.

They seek a rector with the vision and enthusiasm to lead the Good Shepherd cathedral into the future and with the experience to guide them to realise their goals. The new rctor will be an energetic leader who can inspire and mentor, with a leadership style that encourages collaborative decision-making, and welcomes new ideas and approaches. As Good Shepherd is committed to being a place for all ages and backgrounds with a distinct sense of spirituality, they seek a rector who will embrace this challenge with enthusiasm and energetically lead the church to an exciting future.

The new rector must have relevant attributes, skills, experience and possess the qualities needed to support Good Shepherd, its congregation, and ministries. The new rector should be:

  • a spiritual guide – anchored in faith, being a gifted preacher and bible teacher, someone who will lead us collectively and individually in our spiritual growth and fulfilment that will in turn lead the congregation in a deeper experience of the worship of God;
  • a counsellor/healer – prepared to visit the sick, elderly, shut-ins, and those in crisis, an advisor, who will be available to counsel those of all ages with patience, insight, and compassion, with ageing members having particular needs for support and pastoral care, someone who will sit with the sick, pray with the troubled, and nurture their children and younger members;
  • a minister of the Word/teacher of the congregation – who is a gifted communicator, someone who cannot only deliver an enlightening sermon to the congregation but also easily relate one-on-one with our diverse parishioners, someone who understands our history and recognises and is sensitive to the needs of both newcomers and long-time members;
  • called to make new disciples of Jesus Christ, both among our current congregation and the newcomers, and have the skills and talents to be a positive contributor to our congregation and help us grow spiritually and become better disciples;
  • welcoming and a good ambassador, as they will be the face of Good Shepherd that most visitors would interact with first.

The ideal attributes are: approachable, collaborative, confident in his Anglican/Episcopal identity, creative, energetic, flexible and with a sense of humour, forward-thinking, good communicator and listener, passion for mission to empower new disciples of Jesus Christ, people person, person of prayer and powered by the Holy Spirit, strength of character, with a heart for children's and family service.

His skills would include: ability to connect with a very diverse community within the church and the wider community; ability to work cooperatively with the pastorate and the Spanish-speaking congregation; excellent verbal and written communication skills; familiarity with modern technology and its utilisation in spreading God's word and church news; general administrative skills; skilled leader and delegator.

Relevant experience would be: demonstrated experience in developing youth, young people, and couples ministries; experience in leading congregations of similar size to Good Shepherd, ideally in multi-cultural settings; experience in working with and leading clergy teams; experience with a variety of types of worship and services, both traditional and modern; experience in the use of music in worship.

Additional desirable skills and experience would be: awareness of Latin America and Latin American Culture; willingness to learn Spanish; a desire to further develop (in partnership with our music team) the use of music within our worship. Successful candidates will have relevant qualifications and experience.


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