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Nurse or Trauma Specialist

Our partners at Cedar Home, in Lebanon, are looking for Nurse or someone with experience of working with children and trauma. The candidate is required to be qualified, highly motivated and competent with relevant experience.

Cedar Home transforms the lives of vulnerable and marginalized girls in the Lebanese community regardless of their nationalities and enables them to live life in all its fullness through:

  • protecting and providing - through their residential program they are able to accomplish those two goals by providing a safe environment for the girls to live and grow in, where all their universal needs are consistently made available
  • educating, empowering, challenging injustice - in partnership with the public school system, local churches and other NGO’s  we are able to accomplish those three goals by providing official quality academic education for all our girls, empowering them through different channels of training and relationships, and advocating social justice through helping stateless girls and abandoned newborn infants acquire ID’s and be adopted by Christian couples
  • discipleship and sending to the community and the world though our residential program and partnership with local church


The mission of Cedar Home is to take care of abandoned girls, orphans, and girls at risk in Lebanese society, regardless of their race, color, or religion. To help them develop the five dimensions of their personality: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social, so they can fulfill their highest potentials, preparing them to enter society, the work field and marriage, as mature individuals capable of depending on themselves.

The vision of Cedar Home is to grow and expand its ministry through: gradually but firmly moving from dependency on grants towards self-sustainability through an in-house income generating project (guest house) and an off campus income generating program (olive oil press), and start a similar ministry as Cedar Home that will target boys through a residential and none residential program including an in-house trades school. This project is in fundraising phase as we have already acquired the building. This operational cost of this project will be 70% from in-house guest house and 30% from grants. Successful candidates will have relevant qualifications and experience.


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Church Mission Society places individuals, couples and families in over 45 countries around the world as we seek to share the love of Jesus and see our world transformed. Our placements are self-funding with extensive support in fundraising given to those who serve long-term (4+ years). All placements are subject to DBS clearance. Church Mission Society is only able to directly test the calling of those who are rooted in UK/European churches.

Terms and conditions depend upon the location of each opening and the duration of the placement offered. Short-term opportunities (4 months to 2 years) are self-funded, with CMS offering residential, cross-cultural training. Long-term mission partners serve for 4-6 years minimum. We work on a fully resourced basis to ensure your funding, learning and support are in place together, through connecting to local churches and your wider networks. Individualised learning plans are developed for preparation and during service for those on long-term service.