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Holy Land Study Tour 2018

Dates: 15-25 May 2018

Tanas Alqassis, regional manager for Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Salaam, Shalom and Hello. I’d like to personally invite you on a unique study tour of the Holy Land in May 2018.

This will be our sixth trip there and our visits are constantly evolving based on information, advice and suggestions from participants.

What makes this tour unique? First of all, most tours of Israel/Palestine focus much more on the past than the present.

While it’s fascinating to visit historical sites such as the Via Dolorosa, the shores of Galilee and the Garden Tomb – and our tour will go to many places like these – it’s equally exciting to visit sites that are significant to people living in the Holy Land today.

On our tour, we will visit places like the bustling city of Haifa, as well as a settlement and a refugee camp. We’ll also meet Muslims, Jewish speakers and human rights workers.

Secondly, this tour will help us go behind the headlines.

We’ll meet and pray with Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews and with people who are working for reconciliation. In doing so, we’ll gain a greater understanding of the current climate in the Holy Land and the people living there. We will attend seminars and discussions on the history of the conflict, hear theological reflections, and experience first-hand what God is doing in the land.

Perhaps the biggest difference between our tour and some others is our heart for mission. Church Mission Society has a network of longstanding friendships and connections in the Middle East. I think you’ll enjoy meeting some of our partners. As you get to know them, it will help fuel your prayers for peace in the Holy Land.

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