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Flyers and posters for local events

A range of flyer and poster templates for local Church Mission Society events. Each has a choice of five colour schemes.

They have been designed as PowerPoint templates that can be saved as a PDF for easy printing and circulation.

  • Download your chosen template
    • Choose New slide from the Home menu to select your colour scheme
  • Fill in the event details as indicated on the template, saving as you go
  • Save as a PDF
  • Click Save As in your File menu
  • Choose PDF from the dropdown menu "Save as type"
  • Click Save
  • Print your PDF or send by email as you wish


A5 flyer for a single event (2.08Mb)

A5 flyer for multiple events (2.21Mb)

A4 poster for a single event (1.91Mb)

A4 poster for multiple events (2.02Mb)

A3 poster for a single event (1.9Mb)

A3 poster for multiple events (2.01Mb)