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Donate in response to The Call autumn 2017

Thank you
Across the world Church Mission Society people are working with the most vulnerable in society. Thank you for supporting them as they put their call into action.

Paul Thaxter
Paul Thaxter, director of international mission

  • A mission partner who ended up working with children with disabilities – a field that was completely unfamiliar to her.
  • A child soldier who dedicated his life to mission.
  • An unexpected call to be a pioneer close to home.

Mission is full of surprises. As you can see in the latest edition of The Call.

You’ll also read stories about reconciliation in Rwanda, Church Mission Society’s biggest pioneer graduation yet and a family who have completed a decade of mission among the marginalised in Malaga. These stories all happen – and we are able to share them – thanks to the prayerful support of people like you.

So I ask you to please consider making a gift today to help support people like Pat Blanchard in Peru, John Malow Bedit in South Sudan and hundreds of others who are putting their call into action and seeing lives changed as a result.

It may help you to know:

  • A gift of £25 could help resource Pat Blanchard to support more children with disabilities in Peru.
  • A gift of £35 could help resource a local partner like John Bedit in his work with students in South Sudan.

You are a vital part of God’s mission and the CMS story. Every prayer and gift you offer on our behalf is greatly valued. Thank you.

Mission may be full of surprises, yet we know we can trust God, who works surprises together for good – as you’ll see in these pages. I hope you enjoy this edition of The Call.

Sincerely in Christ

Paul Thaxter
Director of International Mission