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We believe all God's people are called to be part of God's mission - and true freedom is found as we join in with that mission.

That's why we launched the FREE.IN.DEED campaign to find a new generation of people passionate to share the gospel.

We want to help at least 1,000 Christians recognise God’s call to mission on their life and set them free to live it out.

Heather Johnstone is working with Church Mission Society in Tanzania. She is involved in a project which helps vulnerable women and children living in crisis. For 30 years Heather worked in the corporate world in the financial sector, but reassessed her life when she sensed something was missing.

She says: “I never viewed myself as a missionary but ‘the call’ to mission was so strong I felt compelled to put it into action. The experience I gained as a corporate manager is now saving lives not pounds.”

But for many Christians ‘calling’ is a difficult concept. The FREE.IN.DEED campaign aims to change that and revitalise our relationship with mission so we don’t just see it as a responsibility, but a privilege.

At Church Mission Society we see firsthand daily that when people activate their calling, the love of Christ renews people and places, pioneer leaders forge new paths of transformation, people on the margins flourish, and the healing of creation begins.

If every Christian put their mission call into action, the world would be a very different place.

This call will look different for each of us.

Maybe we obey it through becoming a member of a mission community like Church Mission Society, making a commitment to make our lives count for God’s mission.

Maybe we do it through our prayers and generous giving.

Maybe we express it through a willingness to cross cultures and even continents to make Jesus’ love known and felt wherever God calls us to be.

What's your call? Start exploring your call with our FREE.IN.DEED web app.